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Questions & Answers

Why call a home renovation broker ?

Homeowners who want to get into home renovations or expansion are often faced with a great source of worries and troubles.
It is difficult to find qualified craftsmen that are reliable and available for a competitive price. A major home renovation involves multiple projects being undertaken simultaneously.
Best&co deals with all your renovation needs, brings you experienced craftsmen whose skills, insurances and solvency have been controlled, and advices on grants and funding.
Best&co will ensure that the project fulfills the best solutions for your needs, timeline, budget, and the whole process will be done smoothly and as pain-free as possible. Best&co will save you precious time to shape the home of your dreams.

What is the difference between Best&co and a prime contractor ?

Best&co is not a prime contractor. A prime contractor has technical knowledge and specific insurances to manage your project as technical coordinator and is responsible of technical interdependency. But if your project is requiring a prime contractor, Best&co has this expertise referenced in its contractors and Craftsmen portfolio. We can propose you the best prime contractors as part of our offer for your project.

What is the cost of Best&co services ?

Best&co services are free for you. Best&co will visit you, review with you your project, select the best Craftsmen and contractors, and bring you a competitive quotation for no fee and no engagement.

How is Best&co paid for its services ? Do I have extra cost on the quotation from contractors ?

Best&co is paid by the craftsmen and contractors when customers are satisfied by our proposal. For your projects, Best&co has to offer you competitive quotations and no extra cost is included in our proposal. Craftsmen and contractors spend a lot of their time and money in appointments, discussions with potential customers and in promotional campaigns to make themselves known. Best&co can promote the right contractors with respect to their knowledge, their expertise and their location. Thus the craftsmen save time and money in appointments and advertising which allow them to focus on their core activities and businesses. Part of these savings are used for our engagement. You, as the final customer, have nothing to pay more and you will enjoy more services and advices for your projects.

How does Best&co ensure the quality of contractors selected ?

Best&co controls the qualifications and expertise of the contractors (education, experiences, site renovation visits and customer feedbacks). In addition, Best&co continuously performs quality control, thanks to a feedback form completed by each customer at the end of their renovation works. A craftsmen or a contractor that do not have the skills, expertise and knowhow will not be referenced by Best&co and will not be promoted for your project.

What other Guarantees does Best&co bring ?

Best&co checks for each craftsmen and contractors the list of insurances needed for their activities and the legality of its workforce. Best&co also audits the financial results of the company with an analysis of balance sheets and accounts and also continuously monitors all financial or judicial warnings.

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